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All set for the PhD program!

In March 2019 the new PhD program at of the Astronomy Nucleus at UDP is scheduled to begin.



The creation of the PhD program has been a top priority of the Astronomy Nucleus since its formation in 2013.  After several years of intensive work defining the structure, content and goals of the program, in October 2018, we obtained the official approval from the University.

“We are very excited about the approval of the Ph.D. program, which is a major milestone for our young group” says Dr. Lucas Cieza, director of the program. “We have already received many inquiries about the program and have high expectations for the number and the quality of the applicants.”

Taking advantage of Chile’s unparalleled telescope access, UDP can officially start its highly competitive and personalized Ph.D. program in observational astronomy in March 2019.  The program is 7 to 8 semesters long.

Students can join the program in March or August and are expected to start research activities in their first semester. Aiming to make it an inclusive program, English will be the working language. Observing facilities available to the students include: ALMA, APEX, VLT, Gemini-S, Magellan, SOAR, Blanco, ESO 3.6 m, and the future LSST, E-ELT, and GMT.


Calls for applications will be published very soon!

For further questions, contact  astrophd AT mail . udp . cl