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Talk by Dr. Nicolás Tejos at the UNAB-UDP Seminar Series

  • The talk will be at the main auditorium of the UDP Engineering School at 11:30 hrs on Friday August 22nd.

“The Intergalactic Medium in the Cosmic Web” is the title of the new talk organized by the Astronomy Nucleus of the Engineering School at UDP and the Astronomy Group at UNAB. In this occasion the talk will be presented by Dr. Nicolas Tejos, who is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Santa Cruz and got his Ph.D. at Durham University in the U.K.

The researcher will “present observational results on the properties and distribution of the intergalactic medium (IGM) in the cosmic web. I use proprietary and public data from HST/COS UV spectroscopy of background QSOs to observe the IGM in absorption, together with galaxies mapped in emission from optical spectroscopy. By cross-matching the position of individual HI absorption line systems to those of different large scale structures (LSS) traced by galaxy distributions (e.g. voids, filaments, clusters), I characterize the IGM in different cosmic environments. I will present results on the properties of the IGM: (i) around normal star-forming and non-star-forming galaxies; (ii) within and around galaxy voids at z<0.1, that trace low- and mean-density environments respectively; and (iii) high-density environments traced by galaxy cluster pairs (cosmological filaments). With these datasets, we can directly test the modern paradigm for the cosmic web developed from cosmological simulations of structure formation.”

The talk will be presented on Friday, August 22nd at 11:30 hrs. in the main auditorium of the UDP Engineering School. As usual, all academics and experts on the area are cordially invited.

The talk will be in English, without Spanish translation.