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Chilean Creating Future network for internationally positioning the country through its talent


A new network to promote the image of the country has been set. This network consists of  stories of chilean people who have challenged stereotypes and have contributed to making a better world. This initiative is part of the current strategy of “Chile Creating Future”. It recognizes and highlights Chilean people who from their diverse backgrounds and areas inspire through their creativity and work others for building a better future for everybody.

“These 23 men and women, from their different talents and contributions, already have become important actors and true promoters of our country’s image. Their stories are a testimony from the contribution that we do to the World”  said Andres Allamand, External Affairs Minister and president of Imagen Chile Directory.

The Network Chilean Creating Future contains 5 main areas defined by Imagen Chile, which are key for promoting the international image of the Country: Culture, Science, Innovation, Business, and Tourism and Sport.

Paula Jofré, from the Astronomy Nucleus, was selected among the 5 persons in the Science category.

“It is a true honor to make the people of Chile proud and happy through the science I feel passionate about and love disseminating” states Paula Jofré.

Knowledge can, unlike material goods, be shared without limitation.  Science belongs to everybody. And science and nature are connected in Chile.  In Astronomy, for example, our dry desert host modern telescopes for observing the Universe.  This implies not only have we the potential to generate knowledge, but also talent.  The Astronomy Nucleus is one such places, for Jofré is part of a group of talented scientists who have felt attracted to either come or stay here, in Chile, pursuing fundamental questions about Astronomy.

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More information: website Imagen de Chile