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INSANE workshops

We’re pleased to announce the start of the new  programme called INSANE (Ideas Nuevas y Sinergias para la Astronomia Nacional Emergente) workshops.
The programme, funded by the ESO-mixto committee, consists of inviting for a week a Chilean researcher that is affiliated outside Santiago. During the visit, the guest will give 2 lectures and a colloquium to PhD students about his/her area of expertise. The rest of the time, we aim to strengthen the connections and build collaborative national projects.
The idea behind this is
–  to take advantage of the young and international community that is arriving in Chile and make science that have the potential to be  done with our natural resource of the Chilean sky.
– for us in Santiago to get to know better those young faculty that are working outside Santiago, know more about their expertise and start  to collaborate with them
– to offer intensive sessions on a subject to our PhD students where they get to know active researchers and learn basic things about the subject.
– to create opportunities for PhD students of different places (in Santiago but not exclusive to other places) to interact and have a dedicated time where they can build up new knowledge/network from experts in the country.
The last week of May, Médéric Boquien from U. Antofagasta will be the speaker of the first workshop. Applications will be opened soon.