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Quasars and Galaxies through Cosmic Time Conference


The Núcleo de Astronomía of UDP in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics are organizing a conference, geared towards professional astronomers and graduate students in the area of AGN and galaxy evolution. The conference will be held next week, between January 24th and 27th with the participation of over 400 astronomers.

Testing the interconnected formation and growth of galaxies and super-massive black holes pushes the limits of our current observatories  and computational resources in both the observational and theoretical fronts. The study of these distant objects is a never ending cycle of new discoveries and paradigm shifts that continuously improves our understanding. This conference offers the opportunity to catch-up with the most recent and exciting new results in this area.

The objective for this conference is to present the new results regarding quasars and galaxies across cosmic time, from the first galaxies and super-massive black holes in the early Universe passing through the active times at cosmic noon to finally arrive to the present time.  We want to highlight the most recent discoveries using  today’s facilities  and the future prospects of the next generation of telescopes to understand how galaxies and quasars connect with their environment and the different roles that it plays in their evolution.

Funding for this conference is provided by Max Planck – ANID fund number 190030.

More information at: https://www.astro.udp.cl/Quasars_and_Galaxies_through_Cosmic_Time