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Celebrating the first year of our PhD programme


Since the creation of the Astronomy Nucleus in 2013 with the hire of the first 4 faculty, we are happy to have assembled a group of 20 members comprised of faculty, postdocs, students, outreach officers and administrators. In particular, we are most importantly happy to have built a serious PhD programm,e with students selected from a competitive application process.

We are proud to welcome our 4 pioneer students Kriti Kamal Gupta, Dejene Zewdie Woldeyes, Ana Carolina Posses and Danielle Brito de Silva, who have traveled from India, Ethiopia and Brazil, for joining us in this important step in the development of the Astronomy Nucleus as a research institution.

Kriti Kamal Gupta, Dejene Zwedie, Danielle Brito, Lucas Cieza, Ana Carolina Posses and Roberto Assef. Picture taken in Santiago, September 2019.