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Postdoctoral Fellowships in Astrophysics at Universidad Diego Portales

The Astronomy Group at Universidad Diego Portales (UDP) invites applications for postdoctoral research fellowships in observational astrophysics, including (but not limited to) one of the following research lines: Planet Formation, Planetary Science and Solar System, Galactic Archeology, Supernovae and Transients, AGN and Galaxy Formation and Evolution.

Selected candidates will be sponsored by a UDP faculty member to apply for FONDECYT postdoctoral grants of 3 years, or considered for other postdoctoral positions including two Núcleo Milenio grants led by members of our team (ERIS: Evolutionary Reconstruction of the InterStellar medium; and YEMS: Young Exoplanets and their Moons). The beginning of the FONDECYT fellowships is April 15, 2023, but other dates are possible for other grants.

The eligibility is limited to researchers that have received their Ph.D. between Jan 1, 2019 and the FONDECYT application deadline (April 28, 2022). Exceptions for women with children born in this period are possible according to FONDECYT guidelines.
While at UDP, successful candidates will qualify as members of the Chilean community and will be eligible for the 10% privileged access to all telescopes in Chile, including ALMA, Gemini South, VLT, Magellan, CTIO, SOAR, La Silla, APEX, and ASTE, as well as to future facilities such as ELT, LSST, GMT, CCAT-prime and CTA. Faculty members at UDP are currently involved and leading numerous projects, including ALMA observations of protoplanetary disks, IR and submm lab measurements of meteorites and cosmic dust, exoplanets characterization and high-contrast imaging, stellar spectroscopy. SDSS-V, PLATO, and ASAS-SN, the BAT AGN Spectroscopic survey (, the NuSTAR and LSST-AGN collaboration, the WISE Hot DOGs collaboration, ALMA Spectroscopic Survey of the HUDF (ASPECS), ALMA CRISTAL (, COSMOS (, and the SPT SMG collaboration.

Applications for FONDECYT fellowship support should be submitted by e-mail in pdf format to Prof. Manuel Aravena ([email protected]) by Thursday, April 14 2022 to ensure full consideration. Applications for other grants will be considered until the positions are filled. They should include a brief cover letter (1-page; please mention who you are interested in working with at UDP), a research statement (max. 3 pages; including current and previous research and a research plan while working at UDP), and a CV (with publication list). In addition, applicants should provide the names and contact information of 3 references willing to provide letters of recommendation on request. We encourage applicants to get in contact with faculty members (see our website). We encourage applications from women and minority groups.

Included Benefits:
FONDECYT and other fellowships offer a competitive yearly research budget, support for health insurance, and relocation costs.

More information:

Application Deadline:
Thursday, April 14, 2022