Astronomia UDP

Manuel Solimano

I am a PhD student using multiwavelength observations to study the properties and motions of gas in and around galaxies at early epochs.

Current position: PhD student


My dissertation is a detailed, high-resolution study of two distant star-forming galaxies. I use state-of-the-art observations with ESO-VLT and ALMA of the hydrogen Lyman-alpha and ionized carbon lines, respectively, to understand the processes of gas transport and feedback at the relevant scales.


  • I participate in multiple international projects, including the ALMA-CRISTAL, SPT-SMG, JWST-TEMPLATES, and Arc-Tomography collaborations.
  • In 2023 I was awarded GO2 observing time in the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) to follow-up a gravitationally lensed galaxy in the near-infrared.


Actividades extracurriculares:

After office hours you can find me playing football or volleyball with friends.