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Planetary Systems researches planetary system formation, exoplanetary systems, and exomoons using diverse techniques and instruments.

Stellar and Galactic Astronomy studies stars, their evolution, atmospheres, and transient phenomena such as supernovae.

Extragalactic Astronomy explores objects beyond the Milky Way, including supermassive black holes, quasars, and galaxies throughout cosmic history.


Diverse centers encompass various astrophysical research areas. ERIS examines cosmic evolution via phylogenetic trees, YEMS focuses on giant planet and young exoplanet formation, CATA conducts interdisciplinary research in astronomy and related technologies, while AGATHA explores galaxy and active galactic nucleus evolution. Additionally, the UDP Dust Lab specializes in measuring cosmic dust opacity for astronomical observations.


Find out about our projects, where we meticulously investigate and scrutinize the intricacies of planetary systems, delve into the nuances of stellar galactic astronomy, and peer beyond our Milky Way into the enigmatic realms of extragalactic astronomy. In this section, we present a curated collection of research undertakings, each committed to the pursuit of knowledge in these disciplines. Join us in the exploration of the cosmos as we embark on these rigorous and enlightening projects.