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The Instituto de Estudios Astrofísicos at Universidad Diego Portales, formed in 2013, is part of the Faculty of Engineering and Science and performs research in areas ranging from the solar system, protoplanetary disks and extrasolar planets to stars, the Milky Way and supernovae, active galactic nuclei, and high redshift galaxies. The group has a strong focus on observational astronomy, performing observations at X-ray, optical, infrared, and submillimiter/radio wavelengths. Its research programs utilize the world-class telescopes located in the north of Chile as well as space-based observatories.

The Group consists on a mixture of Faculty, post-docs funded primarily with external grants, and graduate students. We further host students that are interested in short-term intership research projects, such as the MISTI programme from MIT (US). We value the personal and scientific exchange between the different members of the Group, which we seek with daily  common lunch break,  weekly seminars and scientific discussions of recent publications and mixed offices

In addition to research, we teach general astronomy courses to all students from the University, and provide a «Diploma de Honor en Astronomía» to those with special interests in Astronomy.  In 2019 the PhD program in Astrophysics has successfully started.

The Instituto de Estudios Astrofísicos UDP is very active in outreach activities as well, with regular open evening public talks, open courses to the public, several activities focused on Inclusive Astronomy and mixing Astronomy with Arts and regular interviews with local TV or radio.