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Postdoctoral fellowships at UDP

The Astronomy Group at the Universidad Diego Portales (UDP) invites applications for sponsoring postdoctoral research fellowships in several topics in Astronomy.Selected candidates will be sponsored by a UDP faculty member to apply for FONDECYT postdoctoral grants of 3 years. The expected beginning of these fellowships is in the first half of 2022. The eligibility is limited to researchers that have received their Ph.D. between Jan 1, 2018 and the FONDECYT application deadline (expected to be in July, 2021). Exceptions for women with children born in this period are possible according to the latest FONDECYT guidelines.

Our group can be organised in three main research areas (extragalactic, stellar, and planetary sciences) each offering a range of topics to collaborate. In particular:

The extragalactic science spans a range from Active Galactic Nuclei (R. Assef, C. Ricci) to distant star-forming galaxies (M. Aravena), evolution of nearby galaxies (E. Johnston) and extragalactic transients/supernovae (J. L. Prieto). Members of the extragalactic research group are currently leading or are involved in numerous international projects, including the BASS survey, the NuSTAR and LSST-AGN collaboration,  the WISE Hot DOGs collaboration, SDSS-V, the ALMA Spectroscopic Survey of the HUDF (ASPECS), COSMOS, the South Pole Telescope Submillimeter Galaxy (SPT-SMG) collaboration, the Next generation Fornax Survey (NGFS), the Arc-Tomography group, and the ASAS-SN collaboration. Additionally, Santiago hosts a large and vibrant scientific community working on AGN, with ~50 scientists distributed in four universities and three institutes (
To apply to this group see details here:

The stellar group focuses on the study of stellar atmospheres, stellar populations, Galactic archaeology and stellar evolution, in particular compact objects, neutron stars, black holes and general relativity. Members of the stellar research group include Paula Jofre and Thomas Maedler, and are currently leading or involved in several international projects, such as SDSS-V, PLATO and Gaia.
To apply to this group see details here:

The planetary group focuses on studying Extrasolar Planets and Planet Formation with Prof. Alice Zurlo and Prof. Lucas Cieza and are currently leading or involved in numerous projects, including high-contrast imaging and exoplanets characterization, ALMA observations of protoplanetary disks,  and IR and submillimeter laboratory measurements of meteorites and Cosmic Dust.
To apply to this group see details here:

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