Astronomia UDP

Ana Carolina Posses Nascimento

I am a postdoctoral researcher, who graduated from UDP at the end of 2023. I work on galaxy evolution, particularly in the first half of universe time.

Current position: Visiting researcher from U. Texas A&M


I have been working on high-resolution observations with ALMA of the [CII] emission in typical star-forming galaxies at z > 5. My work analyzing COS2987 (z = 6.8) has been already published and I am currently working with galaxy CRISTAL-5/HZ3 (z = 5.5), analyzing the 3d cube ALMA observations, and comparing with rest-frame-UV and near-infrared counterparts. These very interesting study cases help me to answer the following questions: What do the first galaxies look like? What are the physical mechanisms that have shaped the structure and dynamics of the gaseous and dust components of these galaxies? What is the origin of the extended emission around these galaxies, well known as [CII] halos? What is the dynamical stage of early galaxies? This work is in line with the ALMA-CRISTAL survey, which is a census of the gas, dust, and stars in star-forming galaxies when the Universe was ~1 billion years old.

Aspectos destacados:

I am currently a member of the international collaboration of the ALMA Large Program CRISTAL ([CII] resolved ISM in star-forming galaxies with ALMA) survey.


Actividades extracurriculares: