Astronomia UDP

Tatevik Mkrtchyan

I am a PhD student working on AGN selection methods and the creation of training models based on photometric information. I am working in the 4MOST collaboration and the LSST AGN collaboration.

Current position: PhD student


I work on 3 projects right now.

  • My first project is in collaboration with 4MOST ChANGES on the selection of high redshift quasars candidates z>5.5, which will be observed with 4MOST later. I need to select 16,000 objects out of 450 million. For that I removed the contaminants first, run the SED fitting code with was developed by me, did the color-color cut to remove some highly probable non quasars and finally used the chi2 minimization method to select my candidates.
  • The second one is in collaboration with LSST AGN Science Collaboration. I am going to provide the community with a mock catalog of AGNs with magnitudes in LSST bands. Next, I will estimate the photometric redshifts of my imaginary objects to find the best algorithm of estimation. Right now I am in the stage of reproducing some results using SED fitting with LePhare as well as creating the catalog.
  • The third project is a creation of 3D map of radio-loud and radio-quiet Ly alpha halos using MUSE data. I am working on reducing the MUSE data then I will start studying if there is a Lyman alpha halo or not, and how different are the radio-loud objects from radio-quiet ones when we study the IGM.

Aspectos destacados:

  • I was awarded with Scholarships after astrophysicist Viktor Hambardzumyan in 2020.
  • I was also awarded with the Republic of Armenia Presidential Award annual award for “Best Student” of 2013.