Astronomia UDP

Thallis Pessi

I’m a PhD student working on supernova and transient events. My research primarily centers on supernova explosions, with special attention to the environments where these explosions occur and their relationship with progenitor stars.

Current position: PhD student


My research is mostly focused on supernova explosions. My PhD thesis is particularly focused on the environments where these explosions happen and how to related that to their progenitor stars. I’m also interested in other types of transient events, such as giant stellar eruptions and the optical counterparts of gravitational wave events. To study these cosmic explosions I’ve used a large variety of instruments, including telescopes such as the LCO, Magellan, Gemini, HST and VLT. I’m collaborating with the ePESSTO+ survey, an effort to classify and follow-up newly discovered supernovae and other interesting transients using the NTT at La Silla. I’m also part of AMUSING, a survey that uses the VLT at the Paranal Observatory to obtain high spatial resolution datacubes of supernova host galaxies. During my PhD I’ve been closely collaborating and working with data from ASAS-SN, an automated all-sky survey that discovers thousands of transient events per year.

Aspectos destacados:

Collaborations: ePESSTO+, AMUSING and ASASSN surveys


Actividades extracurriculares:

Gym, museums, hiking, cinema, reading