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PhD in Astrophysics UDP has its first graduate: Kriti Kamal Gupta conducted the largest multi-wavelength study of nearby Active Galactic Nuclei

The astronomer from the Institute of Astrophysical Studies UDP studied almost 300 objects in the nearby universe, in order to better understand the processes that occur near supermassive black holes that are at the center of galaxies.

\\\"\\\" Poster created by PhD students for Kriti Gupta as a souvenir of her defense.

A complete study of the emissions in a wide range of wavelengths from almost 300 objects in the nearby Universe – the largest investigation of its kind to date – is the one carried out by the astronomer Kriti Kamal Gupta, as a thesis for the PhD in Astrophysics of the Diego Portales University. With this research, the astronomer became the first graduate of the program offered by the Instituto de Estudios Astrofísicos UDP (IEA UDP).

Gupta’s study, which she conducted under the supervision of academic Claudio Ricci, focused on multi-wavelength emissions from Active Galactic Nuclei (AGNs). By analyzing the visible, X-ray and ultraviolet radiation emissions of hundreds of objects in the nearby universe, the astronomer contributed to a better understanding of how these extraordinary objects work, reinforcing knowledge about the AGN accretion process (accumulation of matter), and allowing relevant predictions about their behavior to be made.

Kriti Kamal Gupta, originally from the city of Jaipur, India, began her doctoral studies at UDP in 2019, after completing her undergraduate and master’s degrees at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali. At the IEA UDP, her interest turned from galaxies to supermassive black holes.

” I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of the Núcleo de Astronomía at UDP, for providing me with an amazing work environment and for making my stay in Santiago an incredible experience” wrote the new UDP Doctorate in Astrophysics in her thesis. “Thanks to you, coming to the university never felt like a chore and instead, I used to look forward to meeting you all at the office.”, she said.

VIDEO of Kriti Kamal commenting on her PhD in Astrophysics, recorded in March 2023, in the context of the 10th anniversary of the UDP Institute of Astrophysics Studies

For his part, Dr. Ricci said, “It has been an incredible pleasure to work with Dr. Kriti Gupta over the past four years. Her energy, her enthusiasm and her great work have produced a fantastic thesis, I feel very fortunate to have had her as the first student in our PhD program”.

After becoming the first PhD in Astrophysics from Diego Portales University, Kriti Kamal Gupta will continue her postdoctoral research at the Universities of Liege and Ghent (Belgium). Her graduation comes at a time when the IEA UDP celebrates its ten years anniversary, a period in which it has made important contributions to science in Chile and the world. Currently, it has more than 50 members, who carry out research, undergraduate and doctoral teaching, administration and outreach.

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