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Research seminars 2021

Today there was a planned activity,
the students presented their work to the rest.
In person was it not, what a pity
but there’s nothing to do, not worth to protest.

The reasons for scientific exchanges are a lot.
They might start from absorbing each others learning,
to end up realising out how much we forgot.
In any case, we should never stop dreaming.

Because the Astronomy Nucleus is a team
defined by its ideas and its people above all means.
Despite the many kilometres apart we might now be
there must be something that unites us, let’s see:

For sure there is interest for astronomy,
as well as the joy for understanding.
Hence in the effort to get away from the zoom monotony,
the slides were actually quite outstanding!

We want our research exchanges to be fun,
to be interesting, to be vibrant, to reach beyond the sun.
In 2019 the first students were just the two,
but in 2021 with more than 12, we like it too.

Online the screen was for hours colorful,
showing a cartoon, an image, a plot or just text.
The science was there, it was simple and beautiful.
How exciting it is to imagine what comes next!


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