Astronomia UDP

Camilo González Ruilova

I am a postdoctoral researcher who recently graduated at UDP on May 2024. My research area focuses on planet formation, primarily using (sub)mm observations to investigate protoplanetary disks and their structures, such as flows, envelopes, rings, gaps, and spirals.

Current position: Postdoctoral researcher


My research area is planet formation using observations in (sub) mm to investigate protoplanetary discs, and in particular, their structures i.e. outflows, envelopes, rings, gaps, spirals, etc. Also I work in the evolution of the protoplanetary disk from early stages around Young Eruptive Stars (YSO’s) to late stages in Class III stars.


  • ESO studentship 2021-2023


Extracurricular activities:

Some of my hobbies are the sports, tennis and football, and also the music, playing drums at my free time.