Astronomia UDP

Thomas Maedler

I am an adjunct professor at IEA. My work focuses on Numerical and Mathematical Relativity, and Artificial Intelligence and data analysis

Current Position: Adjunct Professor


I study the properties of asymptotically flat spacetimes and gravitational waves, analytical and numerical solutions of Einstein equations. I also work on the application of artificial intelligence methods like object recognition, image/video analysis, or data classification in Civil Engineering and Seismology. In addition, I study the fluid flows of rivers, as well as numerical investigations in relativistic hydrodynamics and of Navier-Stokes equations


  • Trusted referee status (among 15% best peer reviewer) at Institute of Physics (
  • Online (~7000 visits per year since publication) peer-reviewed living review article on Bondi-Sachs formalism in General Relativity (


Extracurricular activities:

Reading, playing music, cycling and other sports