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PhD student Kriti Gupta gets a paper in MNRAS!

One of our first Ph.D. students, Kriti Kamal Gupta, recently got a paper accepted for publication in MNRAS. The paper focuses on understanding the properties of \\\”Thomson-Scattered X-ray Radiation in Obscured Active Galactic Nuclei\\\”. Using the 70-month Swift/BAT catalog, she investigated possible correlations between the fraction of scattered radiation and different physical properties of accreting supermassive black holes, such as black hole mass, line-of-sight column density, luminosity, etc. She found that the scattering fraction has a significant negative correlation with the line-of-sight column density and was able to interpret this correlation using two possible explanations: firstly, the inclination angle dependence of Thomson cross-section and secondly, the fact that more obscured AGN have a higher covering factor of the torus which could decrease the amount of scattered radiation. This work was carried out in collaboration with Prof Claudio Ricci at UDP and the international BASS collaboration ( and has been announced on arXiv: A video discussing the details of the research is uploaded on YouTube.

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