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Celebrating that Science done at UDP is revolutioning the field


«The sun and other stars are a lot like people: they’re born, they age, and they die. Oh, and they have relatives. That last idea was an insight Paula Jofré, of Diego Portales University in Chile, had along with anthropologist Robert Foley of the University of Cambridge, when the two began musing that stars birthed in particular parts of the universe could be elementally related because they condense out of the same interstellar clouds. Since then, they have studied the chemical spectra of the sun and 21 other local stars, and indeed found the equivalent of genetic connections and even a family tree. With trillions more stars across the universe, there are a lot more ancestral connections to be made.» —Jeffrey Kluger.

That interdisciplinary work was noted by TIME and its thinker, Paula Jofre, selected as one of the TIME 100 NEXT, the list of the next 100 most influential people in the World.  More about the list can be found in TIME 100 NEXT

We are proud to be part of of a team that is pursuing innovative science. We look forward to contribute to Astronomy and Society by following our dreams and ambitions. We hope we can provide all members of UDP, regardless of their gender, nationality or hierarchy, the skills do to so. That’s why is important to celebrate, have cake and drinks!