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Astronomy Talks

2018 UDP Seminar Series

2018 second semester UDP Seminar Series



August 17, 3PM at UDP
Predicting the radiative display of Type Ia Supernovae: The case for multiple progenitor channels

Stephane Blondin (CNRS, UMI-LFCA, PUC)

Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) are amongst the most energetic stellar explosions. With typical luminosities several billion times that of the Sun, SNe Ia are visible across a large fraction of the observable universe, and enabled the discovery of its accelerated expansion. These events are thought to result from the thermonuclear disruption of a carbon-oxygen white dwarf (WD) star as it approaches the Chandrasekhar-mass limit, through accretion from a binary companion. However, the nature of this companion and the mechanisms by which the WD explodes are still debated. I will present the numerical setup developed with my collaborators to predict the light curves and spectra of SNe Ia, which provide support to the viability of the standard Chandrasekhar-mass model for most events. However, this standard model is difficult to reconcile with low-luminosity SNe Ia, making a strong case for the existence of multiple progenitor channels for these events.



August 31, 3PM
Ezequiel Treister (PUC)

September 3 (special seminar)
Stephanie Bernard (Melbourne University, Australia)

September 7, 3PM (joint UDP-UNAB)
George Privon (U. Florida)

September 28, 3PM
Julio Carballo-Bello (PUC)

October 5, 3PM (joint UDP-UNAB)
Laura Perez (U. Chile)

October 19, 3PM
Leopoldo Infante (Carnegies)

November 9, 3PM (joint UDP-UNAB)
Claudia Paladini (ESO)

November 16, 3PM
Tanio Diaz (UDP)

December 7, 3PM (joint UDP-UNAB)
Nicolas Tejos (PUC-V)