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Astronomy puzzles for astronomy education

[:en]A few months ago, the Nucleus of Astronomy of the Diego Portales University School of Engineering was the recipient of an ALMA-ANID fund for two years to make the project \\\”Designing engaging educational resources for primary and secondary schools: Astronomy Puzzles\\\” a reality.

The aim of this project is to create fun teaching resources about astronomy and space exploration for primary and secondary schools. The activities we’ll design will have a puzzle-like style and will have associated narratives that will explain different astronomical topics according to the Chilean school curriculum.

Every month we will offer workshops taught by astronomers and science communicators in schools in the Metropolitan Region and other regions of the country with the aim of taking our astro-activities to the students. All of this with the aim of inspiring them and showing role models.

In order to help teachers address astronomy topics in the classroom without the presence of an expert, we will generate educational guides and a series of videos. All of our material will be available digitally and within the reach of the Spanish-speaking community.

Our activities will not only teach children the relevance of astronomy in Chile, but they will also allow them to develop problem-solving skills. A very important objective of this project is to break gender and ethnic stereotypes.

The project is currently under construction, so if you are a primary or secondary educator, student, science communicator or parent and want to participate, leave us your email in the next link, to keep you up to date. We will notify you when we are ready to visit schools or when you can download the resources we generate.

Formulario de contacto para participar (Spanish only)

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