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Thallis Pessi has a paper in ApJ!

AstroUDP student Thallis Pessi publishes a paper in ApJ.

The paper describes the event SN 2011fh, a peculiar transient similar to the ambiguous SN 2009ip. This event became famous for the difficult in telling whether it was a true core-collapse supernova or an energetic eruption in a massive star. In this paper, we use multiple observations from small telescopes, obtained by amateur astronomers, and bigger telescopes, such as the Magellan, the VLT, and the HST. We describe the 10 years of observations of the event and use this data to try to reveal the true nature of SN 2011fh. We found that the progenitor star of SN 2011fh is a very young (~4 million years) and very massive star (35-80 Msun), possibly a luminous blue variable. We also show that SN 2011fh is indeed very similar to SN 2009ip, which means that at least a fraction of these events are generated by very young and massive progenitor stars.

This is the Arxiv link:

A short video about the paper is below

Thallis Pessi, estudiante de doctorado de segundo año del Núcleo de Astronomía de la UDP, publica su primer articulo del doctorado.

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