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Job Opportunities


Faculty Position

The Astronomy Nucleus of Universidad Diego Portales is looking to hire a new faculty member at either the Assistant or Associate level position. The requirements are a Ph.D. in astronomy or a closely related field and a demonstrated ability and commitment to excellence in independent research. Experience advising PhD students is desirable, and expected for those applying at the Associate level.

The successful candidate will join a young and active astronomy group of seven faculty and eight postdocs working on a broad range of research topics. The position is open to all areas of observational, experimental, and theoretical astrophysics and carries teaching duties in astronomy at the graduate and undergraduate level, with a load of no more than two courses per year. The new faculty will also be expected to actively participate in the recently created graduate program in astrophysics at UDP by advising students. The successful candidate will have access to 10% of all telescope time in Chile, including ALMA, VLT, Gemini, Magellan, and other telescopes in the country, as well as access to future facilities such as GMT and E-ELT. The position provides a competitive salary and benefits. The new faculty is expected to start in March of 2020, but later arrival dates can be accommodated.

We invite prospective applicants to submit their curriculum vitae, a research statement, a teaching and mentoring statement, and a cover letter by July 1st, 2019 to to ensure full consideration. Applicants should also provide the contact information of three references that can submit recommendation letters.


ALMA-Conicyt Postdoctoral fellowship

We are supporting applications for post-doctoral fellowships funded by the joint committee ALMA and Conicyt.  We encourage candidates to approach us for further discussion about projects, preferentially related to studies of evolution of galaxies, supermassive black holes, transients and supernova studies, stellar evolution, Galactic archaeology or planet formation and detection.

These 2-years competitive fellowships, aimed at improving the scientific output of the Chilean community, will fund postdocs who are interested in carrying out research in Chile. The recipients of this fellowship will also be awarded  4,500,000 pesos (~6,700 USD) for equipment and travels and 493.000 pesos (~700 USD) for health insurance.  Candidates should have obtained their PhD after January 1st 2012. Further information can be found here
Deadline: 5 June 2019.

For further information please contact Claudio Ricci: claudio.ricci[at]